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Printed card game
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All of us have played at least a few printed card games in our childhood. We can recall playing with WWE or Pokemon printed cards in the past. Although our childhood days are now long gone, we are very familiar with the basic concepts of printed card games. We have taken our love for these printed cards to a new level with occasional gambling and fun times.

High-Quality Printed Card Games

At Top Imprint, we have 20 years’ experience of printing high-quality game cards for professional as well as personal use. Some of the best features of our high-quality premium playing cards include:

Waterproof Nature: Spilled some beer or cold drink on the cards while playing with them? Don’t worry, our glossy range of printed cards are made with a special waterproof coating to ensure that they stay safe from accidental spills.

Use of Special Ink: We use a special ink to print our cards that retain its colours even after prolonged usage. You do not have to worry about wear and tear of the cards for a very long time after making the initial purchase.

Quality Inspection: At Top Imprint, we take strict measures to perform quality inspection of our printed cards to ensure that they can last for a prolonged period.

Custom Playing Cards: We have an expertise in making custom playing cards for our clients. We have been making these custom cards for several years and have a special printing press to keep up the quality standards of these cards.

Contact us today to get your hands on special custom cards designed only for you.

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