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Golden Metal Dice Set
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Metal dice games are highly portable and convenient to play with as they often offer a magnetic base. These metal dice games are quite sturdy and they often last for several decades before a hinge gets loose or the surface gets worn out. At Top Imprint, we have been crafting metal board game setups for the last 2 decades. This vast experience has allowed us to use the craftiest materials for the board games while maintaining the integrity as well as the strength of the base.

We believe in offering a wholesome solution to every game that we have in our collection. This wholesome approach has forced us to carve beautiful metal dice that go hand in hand with the metal dice games. Some of the types of metal dice that we offer for these dice games include:

Copper Metal Dice Set

The beautiful copper metal dice set is perfect for gaming with antique metal board games as it carries a faded yet rich look. The beautiful brownish golden copper colour is made especially for antique dice sets that offer a premium high-quality feel.

Brass Metal Dice Set

The brass metal dice set is perfect for gaming on a magnetic board game setup. These dice are meant to stick to the board setup thereby allowing you to use them for a prolonged period without losing them.

Golden Metal Dice Set

If you are looking for premium high-quality dice, you can go for the golden metal dice set. These dice are crafted for premium gaming as well as for showcasing. You can also opt for a silver metal dice set along with this to make a complete pair of high-quality dice.

Reach our customer representative helpline at Top Imprint via email or call us to know more about the various metal dice setups that we offer.

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