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Update: 2017/10/05

Gambling refers to the betting of money or an object of material value (stake) on the probable result of an event, aimed at gaining the money or material items put at stake. The result of the bet is normally immediate, for instance, one roll of dice, spinning a wheel of roulette, or maybe, a horse going past the finish line.


The origin of gambling can be traced to the Palaeolithic era, even before the emergence of written historical records, when people placed bets on fighting animals. Dominoes was played in China around the 10th century. Poker, a globally popular game with ties to gambling has its roots in As-Nas, a Persian betting game of the 17th century. Venice, Italy was the site of the foundation of the Ridotto in 1638; arguably, the world’s first credited casino.

Gambling Dice Games

Gambling agencies and syndicates, including casinos all over the world, commonly use two metal dice games as events in which outcomes dictate the winnings of stakeholders. A two dice game involves shaking and throwing the pair of dice on a surface, with an equal number of turns provided to each player.

The amount at stake is governed by the faced up sides of dice; each side having a fair probability of a faced up landing if the dice are fairly balanced on all dimensions. Complying with the specific game being played, a player may either relocate his piece or gather the staked amount following a positive outcome.

Casinos make use of dice which are specially manufactured, each dimension having a size of 33 mm. These dice are generally red, translucent, with contrastingly coloured dots and precisely sharp corners. This design of construction ensures the fairness of the outcome.

Here are some two dice games for money, which are played in casinos:

· Craps and its variants

· Hazard

· Klondike

· Sic-Bo

· Die Rich

· Banca Francesca

· Ricochet

· Big Six

· Under and Over Seven

Additionally, some other two dice games for money, regulated by hustlers or gambling operators are:

· Twelve Up

· High Dice

· Five Rolls

· Coin-Die Game

· Qualify

· Twenty-Six

· Sixes Bet

Supreme quality dice manufacturers, Top Imprint have been providing customized metallic, resin, acrylic, marble and wooden dice to casinos and betting syndicates throughout the globe for the past 20 years. All dice come with assurances of foolproof inspection, durable quality, precisely accurate dimensions and above all, complete confidentiality.

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